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Welcome to
Arkan Contracting

About us


Arkan Contracting Services is a new General Contracting firm founded in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our team consists of numerous construction and general contracting staff, dedicated to cater to your specialized skilled needs.

Our MIssion

We are committed to providing reliable, amicable, and professional service to our valuable clients, and to being supportive to local businesses


To be a partner in the country's growth via our numerous services.


People are our greatest strength. Arkan people work with customers and business partners in a spirit of collaboration and trust to tackle the challenges of construction

Our Services

Overall Services

Arkan is a professional and reliable company in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a variety of services and features, and an outstanding reputation in quality and experience. We are a company concerned with supplying high-quality varieties of materials and equipment to help you provide services in an orderly fashion, to earn the trust of the biggest clients from major companies in various fields.

Arkan ensures the seat of hygiene, idealism and maintenance that reflect the honorable image that you wish for your customers and your employees.

Cleaning Services

We provide all the specialized interior and exterior cleaning services which are based on the scientific basis for the selection of equipment and cleaning materials, commensurate with places to be cleaned to be implemented through trained labor at the highest level of performance.

You can choose between a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly service: and can guarantee a superior level of service which will surely earn notice from your clients and partners.

Maintenance Services

Through quality, reliable facility services and building maintenance services, Arkan maintains and drives the performance, lifespan and and ultimately — the value of your physical assets. We’re different from our competitors because we self-perform most services rather than subcontracting. You’ll benefit from increased efficiencies and savings. Plus, our emphasis on sustainable practices in building maintenance can help you meet social responsibility goals.

Resa Group

About Resa

Resa Group is a multinational business corporation, which globally has more than 15 locations specializing in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of tubular and motorized scaffolding.

Resa Group have created one of the most competitive businesses in the sector through the maximization of development and the implementation of new technology in safety and technical equipment, whilst ensuring health of the workforce. Our market presence is both national and international.

Our sophisticated manufacturing plants, scaffolding, and distribution systems have made our business into one of the best in Spain, providing us with the flexibility necessary to undertake projects from the smallest to the biggest in size, whilst constantly having in mind the priority of the business: To provide the best service

Safety first and last:

Security at work is one of the basic principles that determine the development of Resa Group activities. The whole team that belong to the Company know and identifies with our Prevention Policy, Quality and Environment. This organization’s commitment to safety and health of employees, along with continuous improvement, was what led us to accredit the international standard OHSAS 18001 NATIONWIDE. The management system of safety and health at work is accredited to all the Resa Group´s local offices. This allows us to a better control risk and improves our performance in Occupational Safety and Health.

Engineering & Innovation:

Resa Group pays a very careful attention to its projects, which differentiates it from competitors. We include a department of design and development working constantly towards the improvement and innovation of our product, specializing in providing access at significant heights in accordance with the stringent responsibilities and regulations of the projects that we undertake.


Resa´s Group counts on the guarantee of a Quality, Prevention and Environment Management System which is certified by OCA Certification Institute. Our products count on Certificates according to current Regulations.

About our products

Resablok is a multi-level, multi-directional scaffolding system, consisting of a set of standard tubular parts assembled and fitted together by means of a system of joints and clamps that gives a final result that is a light, but completely rigid structure.

The R-70 is an European style, modular scaffolding system that is made up of rigid tubular frames assembled together by means of platforms and longitudinal bracing rails that give the whole unit a completely rigid structure.

The MC-36/15 work platform is designed to satisfy the most diverse requirements in the area of repairs, maintenance, exterior finishes, etc.; working with maximum safety It’s multiple assembly possibilities (from 2.8 m in single mast and up to 30.1 m in twin mast) and the extensions, allow us to adapt ourselves to any workspace.

The R-300 elevator has been designed to solve the problems of access to wind towers, tower cranes and various industrial applications. It incorporates a rack and pinion lifting system that provides a safe and reliable operation.

The EC-1000 is designed to meet the most diverse requirements in the areas of new construction, rehabilitation and closed facades, with or without separation of frontage line

Resa Group has a wide range of Suspended Scaffolding which cover a great number of applications. Suspended Scaffolding allows an easy access to all front parts of any structure. These machines are a long term excellent investment since they are light, safe and easy to install. Taking into account the kind of work, RESA offers three types of Suspension Systems: telescopic roof beam, adjustable parapet clamp and rolling roof rigging.

The huge experience of Resa Group in the elevation domain made possible its Innovation and Engineering department to launch an specific product for Wind Farms. Resa Wind Platform provides a comfortable and safety access to carry out construction, inspection and maintenance works at wind farm.

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Main Office
Arkan Contracting Services
Flat 26 Building 624, Road 2808, Block 428
Al Victory, Seef Area, Kingdom of Bahrain
T: +973 13 688666
F: +973 13 688669